We are a socially responsible brand and always searching for ways to reduce our ecological footprint through conscious production and design. All the production is monitored from beginning to end, never using any components that may harm the environment or cause labour exploitation.

There is a deep care about how each product is made and its impact on the environment, and we have intentionally built our supply chain to support responsible production – each one is embedded with social and environmental responsibility.

As we want you to wear our pieces for years, even decades, to come, we source the finest materials and factories. You can count on a varied range of cotton and wool fabrics, cut in a practical and versatile manner.


“To create consumer awareness. Reorganise processes and adjust standards, so that consumers in the coming decades become more aware of their choices, using alternative solutions to purchases.”



All of our suppliers abide to EU and Portuguese worker safety and responsibility standards.


  Made with love

Our pieces are handcrafted with passion and purpose by local artisans and professionals. We value slow production above everything — creating products made-to-last and cherish for a lifetime.

  Responsible materials

We are conscious and demanding of the origin of the materials they use and what processes they underwent. It is fundamental to use materials that have internationally accredited certifications, that do not harm people and the planet during production processes

  Made in Portugal

We have worked with  trusted Portuguese suppliers since the 1960’s and 1970’s. Working relationships that started with the founders’ grandfather were passed down generation after generation, and the majority of these suppliers are small family businesses.

  Happy world

Our collections are produced on a small scale, with environmentally sensitive production methods. While mostly working with small family run businesses, the few slightly larger factories that produce our wool products have fantastic facilities with solar energy and highly efficient and modern machines.
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